Private Equity

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room For Private Equity: Electronic Data Room

We offer a web-based solution that allows you to coordinate confidential document communication throughout every phase of private equity fund management. The flow of private equity information is highly regulated and we can offer optimum services for managing and expediting the flow of information in a secure environment. Our technology is a robust solution that is easy to implement and use, which makes document communication and collaboration quicker, simpler and more secure for your organization.

Using the deal room for private equity provides all participants with a comfortable and secure on-line access for necessary information. In addition, it allows the company to invite potential investors and respond quickly to all requests. Furthermore, we will enable your company to understand which potential partners are more interested in participating, and that in turn will help to reduce the time and cost of due diligence.

Advantages of using our product for private equity organization include:

  1. Speed – loading your information is quick and easy, which enables investors to access your company information in a timely manner. We will take no more than one day to open the data room, load information and invite participants. In addition, your information is structured with easy search technologies, which will make it simple to find the necessary information.
  2. Convenience - potential investors have the convenience of accessing your company information from anytime and anywhere in the world using a standard web-browser.
  3. Security – our security enables you to determine who can have access to different parts of information. You can prohibit the printing and/or e-mailing of information without your permission. Furthermore, all documents are watermarked for additional security.
  4. Support - we offer constant support via assigned project managers and support teams, which will help you and your partners to avoid technical misunderstandings and problems.
  5. Quick answers to partner’s questions – one of the most important components of our application is the Q&A. This allows partners to generate requests for particular documents or entire companies and enable them to receive answers in a confidential environment.

Our application enables you to assemble, organize, and filter information about each deal, which provides effective analysis and secure communications with potential investors. You are able to focus on the due diligence process and conversations themselves instead of the technical side of the process.

iDeals™ virtual data room is a complete, secure VDR solution that optimises the due diligence process and offers a highly efficient method of sharing critical business information via a secure online data room, accessible by way of the Internet.