M&A Data room for Merger and Acquisition Deals

M&A Data room for Merger and Acquisition Deals

M&A Data room for Merger and Acquisition Deals

The number of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has dramatically increased over the past several years. Not only is more capital now being raised for M&A, but also the number of buyers has greatly increased.

What is the M&A Due Diligence?

Keeping all your corporate information secure and ensure the buyer’s anonymity in the merger and acquisition process is crucial for the success of the deal. During the M&A due diligence, all participants enjoy completely secure online access to the corporate information, while the selling party is able to invite potential bidders. To help accommodate bidders’ requests for additional information, Q&A area allows to communicate securely over the business-critical data. The robust reporting tool gives you insights which bidders are most interested in the deal. And since there’s no need to travel to the physical data room to examine the deal-related documentation, both buyers and sellers enjoy a significant reduction in time and cost when it comes to the due diligence process.

Do you want to make your merger integrations successful? Learn what the virtual data room advantages are during the main steps of the M&A deal:

  1. Preparation The M&A preparation process is often long and complicated due to the need to obtain different information from various sources which may be spread across the globe. During this stage, you can create a simple and unified structure for the data room. This allows the involved parties, such as investment bankers, lawyers, and financiers, to easily work with your documents with no need for additional supervision or assistance.
  2. Professional Image The professional reputation and strong presentation are very important success factors in an M&A deal. Clear and logical presentation of the deal-related documentation. The virtual deal room can be customized with a corporate logo and colors. This way, the virtual deal room acts as a marketing tool presenting the asset for sale in a professional and thought-out manner.
  3. Inviting Buyers Your deal has better chances to succeed when you invite several potential buyers. In the past, a physical data room made it difficult to work with several buyers at the same time because every buyer team had to access documents one by one. As a result, each buyer had a very limited time to access and study the documents while other buyers were waiting in a queue. However, with a virtual M&A data room the seller can invite multiple buyers who can work with the same documents at the same time while remaining invisible to each other.
  4. Speed and cost optimization of the due diligence process The virtual data room makes possible to invite multiple buyers within minutes so they can start working simultaneously without spending time and money on travelling to your location.
  5. Instant communication between sellers and buyers Q&A is one of the most important features of the application. Buyers can generate requests for a particular document or an entire deal and receive quick answers from an appointed expert in a highly confidential environment. Q&A area enables all members of the buyer’s team to see the questions and respond to them based on their area of expertise, while keeping confidential information protected.
  6. Advanced search function allows buyers to easily find any necessary information by using search tools to look for words in the name or body of any document in just a few seconds – another great time-saving feature.
  7. Tracking and reporting - The seller can generate real-time tracking information about who and when accesses the documents in the data room and what exactly the user is doing with this information. These insights help the seller identify the most active buyer and most important areas of documentation in the deal-making process.
  8. Support – iDeals™ Solutions project managers and support team will help sellers and bidders to address any areas of concern while allowing all parties of the process to focus on the deal instead of technical details.
  9. Post-merger integration - when the deal is closed and the asset or company has new ownership, all documents are immediately ready for the new management team to start working on them. Everyone in the new corporate entity will have all the deal-related information simultaneously which will save time and help decrease the stress burden during the post-merger integration period.

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