M&A Data room for Merger and Acquisition Deals

M&A Data room for Merger and Acquisition Deals

Do you want to make your next M&A Deal more effective? Here is how it can be done:

Without any doubt, it is of the utmost importance to keep all your corporate information secure as well as ensure the buyer’s anonymity in the merger and acquisition process. With the M&A data room, all participants are provided with completely secure on-line access to the necessary information, while the selling party is able to invite potential bidders. In addition, our application enables a quick response to all bidder requests, and gives you the necessary data to help understand which bidders are most interested in the deal. Furthermore, you will see a significant reduction in time and cost when it comes to the due diligence process for both buyers and sellers.

The main steps in M&A deal where the advantages of using our software are obvious:

  1. Preparation – the preparation process is often long and complicated due to the need to obtain different information from various sources and specialists. On the other hand, it enables you to create a simple and united structure for all the documents. This allows the involved parties, such as investment bankers, lawyers, and financiers, to fill in the VDR structure with documents while working from different locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Professional Image – image and reputation are very important in any M&A deal. It is preferable to have the best and most professional presentation of your company to provide buyers with the necessary information in a well-structured manner. The virtual deal room itself also acts as a marketing tool, which presents the asset for sale in a highly organized and professional manner.
  3. Inviting Buyers – your proposal has a higher chance of success when you invite professional buyers. In the past, using a paper-based deal room made it difficult to work with different buyers at the same time because every buyer-company had to complete inspection while using the same documents. Therefore, it was necessary to create a strict timetable and limit the number of buyers to those who could finish the deal within a reasonable amount of time. However, M&A data room enables you to invite multiple buyers who can work separately with the same documents and all at the same time without creating you any logistical problems.
  4. Speed and cost optimization of the inspection process - it enables you to invite multiple buyers literally within minutes and they can start working simultaneously from any place in the world without spending time and money on travelling to your location.
  5. The ability to quickly answer buyers’ questions - Q&A is one of the most important parts of the application. This enables buyers to generate requests for a particular document or an entire deal and receive fast answers in a highly confidential environment. It also enables all members of the buyer’s team to see the questions and respond accordingly, which saves time for both buyer and seller teams compared to the process of exchanging individual e-mails and phone calls.
  6. Search possibility - it allows buyers to easily find any necessary information by using search tools to look for words in the name or body of any document. It is now possible to find critical information in just a few seconds to save the buyer's time.
  7. Tracking information - the application provides seller with real-time tracking information about who and when checks/prints/saves the documents in the application. This information helps the seller understand which buyer pays more attention to the documents and helps in determining the best and the most interested buyer in the deal.
  8. Support – At every stage of your deal, iDeals™ Solutions project managers and support team will help you and your bidders to avoid any technical misunderstandings which will allow all parties of the process to focus solely on the deal itself instead of paying attention to the technical details.
  9. Advantage for the new owner - when the deal is closed and the asset or company has changed owners, all documents are immediately ready for the new owner’s team to start working on them. There will be no need for the new owner to prepare documents for his internal team as everyone will have all the necessary information simultaneously, which will save time during the transition period.

To ensure your M&A process is secure, comfortable and successful, we are ready to assist you with any questions.