A Solution for Life Sciences

A Solution for Life Sciences

Providing organizations a secure solution for life sciences, we offer services for business development and licensing, clinical study management, and safety document exchange. Due to the rising costs of research and development as well as discovery pipelines struggling, there are definite opportunities to increase revenue while at the same time reducing overall costs, improving the efficiency of operations, and minimizing risks. Relying on iDeals™ Solutions to effectively safeguard their critical information, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, biotech, and medical device companies, are able to reduce overall costs and streamline their operations. We offers solutions for:

Biotech Licensing

Biotechnology has a critical role in human health. The successful licensing of patented discoveries in new drugs and therapies helps to improve health and meet medical challenges, which directly affects the quality and longevity of human life. It is challenging for biotech companies to find prospective licensing partners and therefore they need to share documents that are highly confidential with multiple prospective licensing partners. While some of these potential partners may be competitors, using online data room ensures that none of the proprietary documents are compromised throughout the process.

Clinical Study

There is an intense pressure to reduce both costs and timelines to fill pipelines and replace expiring drugs. Clinical studies, however, conducted during drug development have high costs and are risky endeavors. One way to become more operationally efficient is to conduct paperless studies instead of traditional manual and paper-based studies, which slows down the process significantly and opens the studies to compliance and security risks.

Every phase in the lifecycle of a drug involves documentation distribution, collection, review and any paper trail such as the use of overnight mail, e-mail, or fax, which produce both higher costs and a lack of control. In addition, storing and managing paper documents for mandatory retention periods adds to the costs of trial overhead. Response rates and turnaround times are awkward due to the need for gathering metrics by hand making it more difficult to identify targets for process improvement or site personnel who could benefit from additional support. However, significant savings could be generated by using an on-demand, electronic document exchange system.