Investment Raising via Electronic Data Rooms

iDeals™ Electronic Data Room For Investment Raising: Online Due Diligence

Capital markets play an important role in the theory of corporate financial economics; for example, capital market prices provide vital signals for corporate investment decisions.

Corporations raise external capital by selling a range of different securities which they market in a variety of different ways. Raising capital is one of the most challenging tasks faced by businesses of all sizes. When assessing a business idea’s investment potential, most investors focus on revenue and profit growth with minimum risk. Whichever strategy you choose for your investment raising project, you should be able to analyze several possibilities and provide potential partners structured and secure information. You also need to be able to communicate with potential partners in a prompt, protected, and efficient manner.

Virtual Data Room Solutions for Investment Raising

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room provides easy access to your business-critical information, so your potential partners can perform due diligence in a secure environment without spending time and money on business trips. In addition, it allows the company to invite several potential investors at once and allow them to be invisible to each other. You can evaluate parties’ interest in your project by analyzing document access reports which show who has been accessing your information most actively. You can also communicate with parties in a secure environment and provide additional documents as needed.

The advantages of using our virtual data room for investment raising include:

  1. Speed - You can quickly upload all the required information about your company and provide secure access to your potential investors. It takes less than one day to open the room, securely upload all the documents in any format, and invite the potential bidders. All data will be well-structured and clearly arranged for the ease of use. Advanced search tools allow to easily find each piece of information.
  2. Convenience - potential investors will be able to gain access to your company information anytime and anywhere in the world using any device and any platform without the need to load any additional plugins or software. iDeals Virtual Data Room has dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices.
  3. Data Security – the electronic data room security features let you control who have accessed your data and monitor users and their permissions. In addition, all electronic documents are automatically watermarked to prevent unauthorized distribution. All documents are encrypted and checked for safety before upload to the data room.
  4. Support - our dedicated project managers and support teams offer 24/7 assistance to resolve any potential technical difficulties. We also provide one-on-one online training and demo
  5. Efficient communication – Q&A (questions and answers) tool works as a secure email within the data room. It allows partners to create requests for particular documents or folders and to receive answers in a confidential environment.

The electronic data room will allow you to store, organize and securely distribute information about your company to allow for an effective analysis and secure electronic data communications between potential investors. The advanced data room technology enables you to focus on the due diligence process and strategic negotiations instead of the technical matters.

Share your critical documents securely and efficiently with iDeals™ virtual data room solution. Using an iDeals™ virtual data room for investment raising provides all participants with a comfortable and secure on-line access for necessary documents and confidential information.