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iDeals™ Virtual Data Room For Investment Banking: iDeals™ Solutions

Intuitive Product For Accelerated Due Diligence

During every phase of your transactions, we will provide you with a secure and simple platform on which to exchange your documents. The transaction process becomes simplified, which allows advisors and companies to focus on maximizing the value of the transaction. It provides your company’s corporative finance activity with an effective and secure solutions in the following spheres:

M&A Deals

Dramatic changes have occurred in M&A deal management due to companies striving for increased competitiveness. This increased speed of business, coupled with lower travel budgets, has made the physical inspection of documents an obsolete practice. Instead, we can provide your company with both efficiency and security during all transactions.

It is a web-enabled application providing highly secure end-to-end document control during the entire M&A process. All members of the data room are able to conduct the necessary online due diligence, negotiation, closing and post-merger integration from a remote and secure location, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the whole M&A management.

The application helps you streamline the M&A process and accelerates your business in a safe and secure manner whether you represent a company who is selling a subsidiary, are involved in the merger of two business concerns or are managing a real-estate portfolio.

Initial Public Offerings

IPOs are notorious for being stressful and complex. Therefore, in order to structure, market and price your offering most effectively, it is essential to offer real-time collaboration across all parties. The online application for IPOs is a fast alternative guaranteeing the integrity of information and the ability to craft compelling marketing materials, which will help banks share, protect and control data within a commonly accessible platform. It maximizes effectiveness within the underwriting process and helps to reduce risk while maximizing valuations.

There are multiple roles and configurable rights as well as control and administration of an exchange that is shared among joint book-runners (lead underwriters), legal teams and the management of a company in an effort to streamline the process. With our product, you are provided with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year regardless of where you are located. You have access to documents such as collaborative and co-development letters of intent and or engagement, draft registration statements, financial statements, BOD presentations and road show presentations.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

In the past, it was necessary for bankruptcy team personnel to research, gather, collate, print and mail a range of financial documents and related forms for all involved parties, which include creditors, accountants, attorneys, court personnel, judges, and consultants. These created intensive workflow issues which often resulted in a logistical challenge for those managing the process.

Today, however, there are many companies who are discovering that traditional paper-based information delivery methods are both insufficient and inefficient when trying to achieve goals and timelines. Instead, filers are now deploying a secure virtual data room solution which allows them to start and complete the process more efficiently while consuming fewer corporate resources.

Companies need a more efficient way to comply with the ever-growing complexity of bankruptcy regulations. In an effort to become more efficient, more organizations are turning to virtual deal rooms in an effort to save time, minimize risk and gain more proactive control over the process.

Choose the right virtual deal room, and your transaction will move quickly and smoothly. A virtual data room (also known as "VDR", "electronic data room", "virtual deal room" or "virtual war room") is a web-based document repository allowing multiple users to access due diligence documents via the web.