Hedge Fund Technology

Hedge Fund Technology

Our product is a web-based solution allowing you to coordinate confidential document communication at any stage of fund management. The ability to manage and expedite the flow of information in a secure environment is critical for companies, especially due to information regulations. Our hedge fund technology is easy to implement and use. The virtual data room offers document management solution that enables your organization to speed up, simplify, and secure all the document communication and collaboration.

Traditionally, hedge funds disclosure methods were piecemeal and through non-secure means. There is little control or security measures over usage and forwarding capabilities, as most documents were typically e-mailed or downloaded from the manager’s website. Now there is a more secure way which we offer through our online application.


the application offers a complete and confidential way to manage documentation and data reporting of funds. It is accessible online and enables consistent disclosure to multiple parties, while retaining a direct link between the manager and each individual user. It provides a secure repository for all fund documentation and offers a broad range of applications across the life of a fund, which assists with the following:

  • Initial fund launch and marketing exercise
  • Pre-investment coupled with ongoing due diligence
  • Regular risk reporting and investor monitoring
  • Regulatory and counterparty reporting
  • A personal fund board liaison
  • Fund administrator third party reporting
  • Managed account reporting

All relevant documents are captured and indexed to a secure online database. The hedge fund administrator designates all rights to the documents which guarantee security and control. Each user has a limited ability to view, print, or access source documents as set up and designated by the client administrator. However, these settings may be updated or changed at any time. In addition, we use automatic user related watermarks to prevent any unauthorized transmission. Furthermore, we provide useful tools which include detailed user tracking and audit capability, Q&A, and full word search, along with user alerts for new documents.

Using our solutions allows hedge fund managers to maintain full control and gives crucial insight into each user’s behavior on a page-by-page basis. Specialized reporting yields risk analytics, third party administrator reports, and searches for any word or phrase throughout the entire database.

From the moment the sensitive documents are uploaded by the managers, our product provides unrivaled security and confidentiality levels. We use our employees, facilities, technologies, and processes to create an unbroken, end-to-end “chain of custody,” which ensures the highest level of security for your documents.

We deliver maximum flexibility and efficiency by offering secure, simultaneous access, full text-search capabilities and unrivaled reporting tools. This gives a hedge fund administrator a greater insight and control while at the same time deliver all the necessary information for the most demanding fund investors and counterparties

Manager Benefits

  • Security – the manager can choose which participating party is able to view, print, and/or download a document. In addition, documents are watermarked with the user’s details.
  • Intuitive User Interface – based on Windows Explorer, the design makes it easy to use and a manager can upload and share documents in seconds.
  • Audit Trail – the audit trail provides real-time reports detailing who has reviewed documents, which documents have been viewed, etc. This provides a complete historic record which helps in avoiding any subsequent disputes.
  • Support – project managers and support teams are available through every stage of your deal to help you avoid any technical misunderstanding.

User Features

  • Investor Document Management – one-place efficient storage and management of all investor-facing documents.
  • Access – users anywhere across the globe have unlimited access to documents, including search functions and Q&A functionality through Internet.
  • User Alerts – users have the option of selecting automatic email alerts, which will notify them if the new documents of interest are added to the database.
  • Search and discussion – it is very easy to find information via our search tools. There is also a very comfortable setting for clarifications in a Q&A session.
  • Consistent Delivery – each user will know he/she is viewing the latest available version of a document that is being provided to other recipients at the same time.
  • Single Access to Multiple Funds – there is a single username and password route to a portal that gives access to allocations of the funds.
iDeals™ Virtual Data Room - a complete and confidential way to manage documentation and data reporting of funds. The online data room offers document management solution that enables your organization to speed up, simplify and secure all the document communication and collaboration.