Effective Fund Management via online data room

Effective Fund Management via online data room

With iDeals™ Solutions, private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds can simplify many administration and investor relation functions. The technology built on the base of our successful virtual data room platform facilitates most of the main fund administration functions. We offer all types of solutions for effective fund management:

Fund Reporting

A good relationship with partners is the basis of successful work of any investment fund and providing the partners with exact and prompt reports is one of the important parts of this relationship. Our team assists many funds to make communication with partners and companies more effective and structured. Our online data room enables participants to use information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and will help your partners make effective decisions. In addition, they are able to realize their financial results at the same time you are ready to provide necessary information.

Our secure data room is a great alternative for fund reporting and is accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. Functioning as a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), it is fully structured and operational within 30 minutes. By using the application, you make managing the flow of your information to both staff and outside advisors easy and efficient.

Private Equity

We provide leading financial communication solutions to private equity firms. We offer exemplary services and a document repository for firms working on capital market transactions for uploading private placement memorandum, agreements, and other documents for potential investors during fund-raising. In addition, the application provides a fast and efficient due-diligence process and exit transaction.

Fund Raising

Venture Capital and private investors must manage and share vast amounts of data in support of their equity investments, fund-raising, and portfolio management activities. As is the case with many investors, the ability to distribute investment opportunities effectively to their members can often be hindered by time and distance obstacles. Either this can cause interested investors to lose the opportunity to review an early stage investment, or find him or her with incomplete information or late distribution of data needed to make appropriate decisions.

In addition, some institutional venture firms experience a diminished ability to review an investment opportunity and as a result, information received from companies seeking capital investment may often be delivered in an unstructured manner resulting in “time sinks” in the ability to conduct a thorough review of the investment opportunity.

However, by utilizing our application, both venture and angel investors can simplify and accelerate the initial review and online inspection processes, which will reduce the investment cycle time and expenses. They are also able to syndicate confidentially and effectively both existing and future investment portfolios using the application.

Hedge Funds

As a precursor to investing and allocating funds, many investors seek higher levels of security and timelier disclosures with hedge fund reporting.

Traditionally, hedge funds disclosure methods were piecemeal and through non-secure means at best. There is little control or security measures over usage and forwarding capabilities as most documents were typically e-mailed or downloaded from the manager’s website. Now there is a lot more secure way - by using iDeals™ Online Data Room.

Our application is a complete and confidential way to manage a fund’s documentation and data reporting. This enables consistent disclosure to multiple participants while retaining a direct link between the manager and each individual user.

iDeals™ online virtual data room solutions for effective fund management. Share your documents and secure information with iDeals™ Solutions. iDeals™ virtual data room provides a complete and confidential way to manage a fund’s documentation and data reporting.