Secure Online Document Exchange Repository

 Secure Online Document Exchange Repository

Today the business world demands quick and well-informed decisions from executives. By using our solutions, your team can make these decisions based on constant and safe access to all necessary information throughout the company.

Our customers are able to:

  • Access documents from a web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.
  • Share files of any size and with any party without having to email them.
  • Work in a safe environment for preparing confidential and time-sensitive documents for corporate deals, such as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, shares and bonds issues and exit planning.
  • Take advantage of a time and cost reduction associated with travel and paper work during due-diligence in M&A and exit planning etc.
  • Access important information regarding stored documents: which documents were viewed, who viewed them, when they were viewed and how long they were viewed for.
  • Distribute information in a quick and secure manner while at the same time eliminating unmanageable FTP sites and internal servers, which will help our customers to avoid the security concerns and capacity limitations of using e-mail.

How it works


  1. Once the signed contract is sent to the account manager, the repository will be open and active the same day.
  2. Less than one day is required for the loading process.
  3. Work can begin in the room within minutes of making a request; stating the company, name, and email address of your partners and colleagues.


  1. All documents are loaded into the repository with SSL encryption, the same technology used by banks to securely transfer credit card data.
  2. Any documents stored are encrypted and require account access with permissions to view or print documents.
  3. Each employee or partner can have group or personal access, which includes permissions to print or save documents. The administrator can easily and quickly change permission when it is necessary. Furthermore, as an added security measure, all documents are watermarked with the user name and company name, as well as the date and time that the documents were viewed.
  4. Data centres and servers provide additional levels of security and safety.


  1. We offer an easy to use and intuitive interface.
  2. The document uploading process is very simple. Your administrator has the option to simply upload documents one by one or prepare the entire document structure and load them all at once.
  3. You can easily search any document, including scanned documents, by keywords across multiple languages.


  1. We offer a superior service across the entire life of a project. We assign you a dedicated project manager who will provide full support to your project. This support will include tasks such as scanning hard copies, loading e-documents, indexing content and launching the repository. You will also receive ongoing administrator assistance as well as repository hosting and management.
  2. Our team takes pride in offering solutions with the focus on quality services for each customer across the globe.
Virtual data room – an ideal instrument for managing due diligence and sharing documents in a flexible, efficient, easy and secure way. iDeals™ virtual data room is an easy-to-use, secure, shared document repository that allows parties to maintain full control over documents.