Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

Every day, companies with multiple branches generate tons of paperwork to be combined for critical and confidential reporting by the staff in the central office. In the 21st century, it is time consuming to work with unstructured files received by e-mail or FTP, plus this type of document transfer poses security issues. Our team helps you prepare your company’s corporate reports in a comfortable and highly confidential environment. This enables your specialists to focus on the report and the business itself and not on organizing the documents.

Obvious advantages of choosing iDeals™ Solutions for serving corporate reporting include:

  1. Start working - by using our application, you can organize the structure of your documents and invite other participants within hours. This will allow employees from different branches to gain access to different sections of the stored data.
  2. Access - all participants have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and work in one structured location with optimum confidentiality. In addition, every participant can access the application from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser.
  3. Adding information - participants can add necessary files in a matter of seconds without sending confidential information via e-mail, so e-mail alerts to the participants involved will be sent automatically. In addition, there are no restrictions concerning file size compared with using e-mail.
  4. Restrictions – restrictions can be set as needed to prohibit printing, saving, or e-mailing sensitive documents.
  5. Search and discussion – our solutions offer easy-to-use search and discussion feature capabilities. It is easy to find information and make necessary clarifications in Q&A sessions.
  6. Support – At every stage of your process, our project managers and support teams help your team to avoid all technical misunderstandings and problems. This allows all parties in the process to be focused on the reports without concentrating on the technical details. We are here to help and serve your corporate reporting needs.

We are ready to answer any questions based on our expertise in corporate reporting processes. Let us make your reporting process as secure, comfortable and efficient as possible.

Virtual data room (VDR) for secure data storage and sharing. Our online virtual data room solution is designed to make your corporate reporting process as secure, comfortable and efficient as possible.