iDeals™ Virtual Data Room For Bankruptcy and Restructuring

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room Solution For Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy, or restructuring, is typically a complex and document intensive process. You should allow for all the participants, such as debtors, lenders, creditors, advisors, accountants and legal counsel to have the possibility of sharing information to prevent loss of valuable time. Instead of spending hours on administrative details and tasks, you can rather spend them focusing on the restructuring and sale.

Our solution for bankruptcy and restructuring allows for the parties to work with all documents simultaneously within a comfortable, secure, and well-organized environment anytime and from anywhere in the world. You can start your work with online data room within one day – our tool is always ready for a rapid start.

With our application you are able to significantly reduce the amount of time you use in order to manage claims and general administration, to disclose statements, and restructure plans of the bankruptcy estate if compared to the traditional paper due-diligence process.


The advantages of using our software when handling bankruptcy and restructuring transactions include:

  1. Rapid deployment - all documents need less than one day to be fully loaded into the secure data room.
  2. The best security technologies in industry - confidential documents are available only for the authorized individuals. In addition, you can prohibit the ability to print documents by particular parties. All documents are also watermarked for additional security.
  3. Cost and time saving – it enables you to restrict the time and cost of due-diligence as associated with clerical, staffing, and secure handling of a physical data room. In addition, our customers save time by using our flexible online search tools.
  4. Q&A Process - banking teams are able to manage the Q&A process safely and securely with a massive scale for follow-up requests and clarifications.
  5. Audit – the application provides monitoring capabilities, which gives you valuable business intelligence on how information is being reviewed and who is reviewing the information. This will further enable you to gauge interest levels and build your strategy accordingly.
  6. Support – our project managers and support teams are available throughout all stages of the process to help avoid any technical misunderstanding and problems that may arise. This in turn will allow you to focus on the deal itself instead of the technical details.

We are ready to help in making the bankruptcy and restructuring process as secure, comfortable, and beneficial for you as possible.