Secure Document Sharing for Any Industry and Government

Secure Document Sharing for Any Industry and Government

We allow organizations to exchange confidential information securely and efficiently.

Our company has been working alongside businesses and government organizations for years helping them exchange critical information. We transformed the way people manage, share, organize and deliver their electronic documents. This technology has helped tens of thousands of professionals worldwide exchange documents more securely and efficiently.

We offer any company or government agency solutions for all types of activity connected with confidential information. Regardless of whether a task is needed for an actual company or for a government agency, iDeals™ will provide you with a reliable and secure solution. With more than 10 years of experience in corporate and financial fields, our team is ready to meet your needs. The main areas covered include:

Document Repository

Often called a knowledge repository or a knowledge base, a document repository is used to capture, organize and store confidential documents within a company or agency.

Projects of any size can generate a lot of documents. Some large projects will last several years and generate hundreds of documents. In addition, nearly all projects initiated by a company or agency require access by multiple parties from various locations as well as by stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. Emailing documents between participants is very inefficient and prohibits real-time collaboration. However, by using our product, a document repository is set up to manage documents and facilitate real-time collaboration.

In today's world of global competition, a document repository is a crucial part of any company or agency’s information management strategy. Smart companies who are striving for the competitive edge use document repositories as a way of storing and distributing vital information such as, best practices or research results, across firms. A document repository allows multiple participants to utilize information already acquired by others rather than duplicating the same information themselves, which is inefficient and can be costly. Therefore, a document repository provides companies with a competitive advantage, especially as it relates to knowledge-intensive industries such as, information technology, consulting, and biotech or life sciences.

We provide companies with comfortable storage for all secure documents with access 24/7/365 and all over the globe.

Corporate Reporting

In today’s fast-paced business world, corporations face increasing regulatory hurdles when trying to make critical reports available for authorized participants, while at the same time keeping the information confidential. Therefore, a virtual solution for corporate reporting is the way to go, which eliminates the use of paper documents, e-mail, and internal networks that lack appropriate security levels needed when sharing confidential information. A virtual solution to make information available 24/7 would help your staff operate more efficiently and improve security for confidential information.

We provide a secure, online document repository accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. As a fully hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, it can be fully provisioned and operational within 30 minutes. Managing the flow of information to your staff and outside advisors has never been easier.

Board Communications

Secure access to confidential data without compromising security and exposing the corporation or themselves to risk is needed for board directors and corporate executives who drive high-level decisions within a company. Positioned in various locations and time zones, board directors create logistical challenges for both directors and administrators of boardroom activities and therefore need an efficient, flexible, and secure way to direct and collaborate in relation to corporate affairs. In this highly mobile, highly regulated environment, we can help your company’s board communicate more effective while ensuring strict corporate governance requirements are followed.

Investment Raising

We help placing your company in a better position to deal with potential investors, which will make communication more effective and beneficial. Our product enables you to invite more potential investors to the table while making your company image sharp and professional. Investment raising can be a nervous and time-restricted process; therefore, you should communicate with as many potential partners as possible and share critical information in a timely manner.

iDeals™ Solutions for Corporate Reporting provides a secure, online document repository accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. As a fully hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, it is fully provisioned and operational within 30 minutes. Managing the flow of information to your staff and outside advisors has never been easier.

Online Due Diligence

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and companies need a more efficient way of responding to potential opportunities while protecting their interests. Inspection professionals accomplish this by relying on the (VDR) technology, which saves time, minimizes associated risks, and helps them gain more control over the entire due-diligence process.

Today’s buyers invest conservatively avoiding risks as much as possible. Therefore, it is in a company’s best interest to gather due diligence information as far in advance as possible. Consulting with experts will assist them in developing a strategically targeted deal. In addition, they will conduct an assessment of readiness in an effort to determine the necessary steps in bringing their company to market.