Secure Data Room Platform: Levels Of Document Security

Secure Data Room Platform: Levels Of Document Security

Secure Data Room Platform: Levels of Document Security

iDeals™ Solutions regards your data security as a top priority. We store your critical information using the highest level of security in every aspect of our service. We use a comprehensive approach toward security, which Your data security is a top priority at iDeals Solutions. We protect your confidential documents by applying multiple security protocols at every step of your project. Our comprehensive approach toward security extends across our entire infrastructure, application, process, and personnel.

Infrastructure Security: Secure Data Centres

iDeals SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified data centers are located in multiple locations around the globe, using facilities with the same high level of security and reliability as the leading banks, government agencies and blue-chip corporations. Each data center applies multiple physical security protocols including real-time replication, alternate power sources, intrusion detection systems, and state-of-the-art disaster recovery and emergency response systems. All data center facilities employ video surveillance and biometric scanners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Our security experts continuously monitor firewall mechanisms, virus scanning, and industry-leading intrusion prevention software which enables secure file sharing. To verify that our security is impermeable, we employ independent consultants to perform vulnerability testing on a regular basis.

Strong Authentication

Access to iDeals™ Virtual Data Room is securely protected through a two-step authentication protocol. The password is sent to the authorized user’s cell phone and is valid for that user and for one session only. Secure single sign-in process allows to access all projects under one log In addition, an existing corporate authentication infrastructure, such as a smartcards, can be integrated into the virtual data room solution. These measures are essential for secure file sharing for business needs.

Document Encryption

VDR data encrypted using a strong 256-bit encryption on the server which prevents unauthorized access, including IT personnel. All data uploaded to the virtual data room server or downloaded from the server is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL protocol and displayed only on an authorized user’s browser. No data is stored on the user’s device which helps promote secure file sharing.

Securу User Management

Users are grouped based on their levels of permissions. The administrator can set detailed user permissions in advance to control the level of access for certain groups. Access rights can be limited to read-only document access which enables documents to be converted automatically to a PDF version and allows for a read-only access in an internet browser.


Each virtual data room document page viewed by an authorized user is protected with a dynamically generated watermark to prevent unsolicited printing and screen capture. The watermark displays the name of the user, date and time of access as well as the IP address of the particular user. The watermark will not interfere with the user’s ability to read the document. Such feature helps protect secure file sharing and identify the person behind the potential data leak.

Personnel Security

iDeals™ Solutions takes security policies one step further to ensure technical security of your information by strictly screening staff members regardless of their position. Screening includes a thorough background check and requires each person to sign a non-disclosure agreement with regard to all business-critical and customer information. Each staff member receives comprehensive training in data privacy and compliance before they are allowed to interact with clients. In addition, all user passwords are stored in an encrypted format, which prevents even our support team from accessing your entry credentials.

Secure virtual data room for corporation, investment bank or private equity firm. Share information globally with a virtual data room (VDR) to perform due diligence and collaborative merger and acquisition procedures.