Online Due Diligence

Online Due Diligence

Our solution can be customized for each business’s specific needs relating to due diligence process. We can help you to organize this process and provide unsurpassed levels of security in an effort to protect the company’s intellectual property.

Virtual Data Room makes the process of information sharing and responding to potential partners convenient and secure. The product offers a centralized online document repository where documents are uploaded with ease. In addition, invited participants can log in and conduct inspection in accordance with the permission levels established by the administrator.

Real-time reports list exactly who reviewed which documents, when and for how long the documents were viewed. Worldwide users have unlimited access to the application. They are notified in real-time as new documents are added and have access to Q&A functions.

iDeals™ Solutions provides the following:

  • Efficient information sharing - we offer convenient internet access, which allows more efficient sharing of information both within your company and with your partners. Authorized participants can access the application from a web browser, anytime and from anywhere in the world.
  • Prevention of privileged information disclosure - The administrator has the ability to grant users access quickly and securely as well as allow or deny the ability to print and/or download documents.
  • Secure viewing environment - the application is equipped to control document viewing, therefore no information is ever unprotected on the participants' computers.
  • Rapid response time - Using the Q&A platform enables you to track and respond to user enquiries in a real-time environment. All participants have immediate access to queries and responses for necessary action through sharing, reporting and downloading. The Q&A forum enhances security while eliminating the need to track individual e-mails or compile spreadsheets. The Q&A forum provides a private, community-based forum where users can ask questions and site managers can respond accordingly. In addition, questions are automatically referenced to their related document or folder.
  • Greater information control - the application include Variable Rights Management technology, which allows you to establish user permissions and modify them easily as due diligence requires. Administrator can issue permissions on multiple security levels and user privileges can be assigned for viewing, printing, and downloading documents.
  • Intelligence gathering and proactive planning – robust servers and state-of-the-art technology enable you to monitor user activity information in up-to-the-minute real time. Auditing and reporting tools serve to track the activity of each user and the individual pages that were viewed and how much time was spent on viewing each page. This technology enables you to make a critical assessment of each participant’s level of interest and provides you with information regarding the participant’s specific areas of focus. In addition, a permanent record of the participant’s online due diligence activities is saved on file.
  • Eliminate time-consuming and redundant administrative tasks – it eliminates the need to produce large quantities of paper documents or copies of critical business documents either on CDs or DVDs. Instead, invited parties can simply log into the online data room application and instantly access the information they need when they need it.
The due diligence process is typically much faster when using a virtual data room. Find a secure virtual data room (VDR) solution that optimizes the due diligence process by providing a highly efficient and secure method for sharing key business information.