Data Room Service for Efficient Work

Data Room Service for Efficient Work

We know there is nothing more valuable than your time. Therefore, iDeals™ Solutions designed a top of the line industry solution to offer the fastest and most secure way of data sharing. The platform processes we use is designed to expedite both set up and access of information.

iDeals™ Solutions offers the capability to easily upload entire projects using multiple files and folders without the need for cumbersome plug-ins. It is easy to add a list of users by using one simple text box to paste in all the email addresses. With iDeals™, you are able to assign levels of permission on a per user basis or by adding a user to a group.

Accelerated Workflow

We give you the opportunity to shorten your due diligence as well as other document-based workflows up to 30 days or more by using the fastest load times in the industry. Our service team works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year to help you accelerate deal times with a capacity to scan and organize tens of thousands of documents quickly. These documents are housed in a centralized repository that is secure, indexed, and searchable online.

All prospective parties can log into a secure web browser and view documents regardless of their location or time of day. This will speed up the entire process since there is no longer a need for scheduled visits to a physical data room. In addition, financial due diligence time is reduced significantly as all checklist items can be accessed and reviewed simultaneously by multiple parties.


iDeals™ technology offers scalability so an unlimited number of users can simultaneously access different types of documents without ever experiencing a slowdown. Users are able to open large documents regardless of page size, and instantaneously move among folders and screens without the need to wait for the system to refresh and without having to worry the system will crash.

Our servers offer wide bandwidth and are housed with Sungard Availability Services, which provides document encryption and a progressive display of the document in both a secure and fast environment. In addition, uptime of 99.99 percent is guaranteed, which ensures constant access availability to your users.