Platform Features

Platform Features: Virtual Deal Room

For years, we worked closely with investment banks and multi-sized corporations to understand ways to optimize the process of securely sharing information. The technology platform used by our team is the result of this scrupulous work.

We strongly believe that in order for our clients to be able to focus on their job instead of on our technology, our platform must be completely secure and offer optimum functionality. In addition, we strive to ensure the platform is both intuitive and fast. This enables our users to start working on the platform immediately.


Your confidential documents are electronically stored on our secure servers, in a SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified hosting environment. By using sophisticated encryption software, and secure tokens, we protect your documents while in transit. In addition, we use multiple firewalls and powerful virus detectors. Our viewer provides the highest levels of security possible for viewed documents to ensure the content is never in cache on the workstation.


Providing a dedicated solution, we ensure that everyone involved in your workflow, such as partners, attorneys, and accountants, can review documents simultaneously anytime from anywhere in the world. You are be able to post content, remove, or edit documents within minutes from any location that offers an Internet connection. The software enables you to complete your due diligence in days instead of months.

Ease of Use

Our solutions allow users and administrators within your company to start working right away without the need of formal training. There is no need to learn another interface as we have spent time and resources to ensure your document storage can be set up in a manner of minutes. In addition, the appliсation is designed to save your time and help you minimize the risk of errors by reducing the need for extra mouse-clicks and data-entry screens.

Audit and Reporting

We make it easy to track users and groups by providing detailed activity information. You are able to see what documents each user has viewed, what questions were asked, and how many times each user logged in to the system. For further analysis, you can easily export detailed information to an Excel file.

Compare to Physical Data Room

The first step toward maximizing your M&A potential is to replace your old physical data room with the online solution, which will eliminate all the inefficiencies of the physical room. It will provide you with a collaborative online environment offering significant advantages for all participants.

Compare to FTP

When comparing FTP based services to e-mail, there is a vast improvement. However, FTP has its drawbacks too. The most important is that FTP is both cumbersome and difficult when trying to share sensitive data with multiple parties. Our product is able to eliminate all the problems associated with e-mail or FTP based services while solving security risks associated with document repositories.