iDeals™ Solutions: Security is Simple

iDeals™ Solutions: Secured & Ease of Use

At iDeals™ Solutions, we believe in making the complex simple. Therefore, we designed every aspect of our applications to be easy to use and efficient by offering you the most intuitive solution on the market.

Your workflow can begin immediately via our platform from the moment you open your web browser. In addition, our client applications enable drag-and-drop capabilities, right-click menus, and dynamic easy-to-use reporting features, which facilitate a quick and effortless start to work.

Virtual Data Room Intuitive Design

We listen to collective feedback from our clients, and have achieved a speedy process that is intuitive, streamlined and easy to navigate. We are committed to our goal of being the fastest and most user-friendly service in an effort to allow our users to focus on their deals instead of on our technology. This means your tasks are completed within a few clicks whether you are searching for documents, discussing questions, or inviting colleagues to participate.

The same is true of our administrative features, allowing for quick and convenient software usage. Whether you are responsible for setting up document permissions, access levels for end users, tracking buyer activity, or managing ongoing content uploads, our intuitive design enables your administrator to work easier and faster.

Advanced Search For Scan Copies Repositories

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room offers advanced search capabilities in large data repositories that enables you to search through any type of content including scanned copies of documents.

In addition, full search capability is offered for multilingual text with optional filters, which include document submission date. However, for security reasons, a user is only permitted to search across content for which he or she is authorized.

We index text inside graphical content using optical character recognition technology, which makes it possible to search for specific keywords in scanned images whether they are handwritten, typewritten or printed texts.