Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Using our product will save you money by charging only for what you use. Charges are based on a per page/megabyte basis instead of per user or activity. In addition, there are no excessive setup or subscription fees to pay.

Software-as-a-Service Delivery Model

By using a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) delivery model, we will guarantee you the latest innovations in security and technology while sparing you the capital investment in sophisticated IT systems or hardware.

The SaaS model eliminates a number of expenses associated with traditional on-premise software, which include long-term software licensing agreements, hardware and implementation costs. In addition, SaaS eliminates annual software maintenance fees and continuous upgrade cycles.

Regardless of the size of your business or the type of entity it is - our team makes it easy to explore the benefits that on-demand software solutions can deliver to your business by offering a fully functional trial version of its services at no cost to you.

Financial Transaction Costs Reduction

It is challenging to explore additional funding options for your company especially if you are involved in managing day-to-day operations. However, we will alleviate part of the costs associated with any financial deal by offering the Virtual Data Room, which is available to access from any internet browser.

For example, costs incurred to operate a physical data room such as clerical, staffing and security costs are eliminated completely. Instead, you have the ability to invite multiple parties to participate in an online environment that is both secure and confidential while at the same time much more cost-effective. In addition, other associated costs, such as travelling are reduced and wasted hours saved by our solution allowing team members to log on and manage their work from any global location.

With the intuitive user interface, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes by simply signing in, pointing, and clicking. This eliminates the need for any complex IT set up, downloads or additional installations.

In two hours or less our experienced document management team can assemble onsite to scan, upload and organize your business information to a secure repository with literally thousands of pages of content available in 24 hours or less.

Moreover, our application will allow you to invite multiple international buyers to a secure and confidential online environment where they can participate and leverage their interest in your business, which will maximize your asset and drive the best possible valuation for your company. In addition, real-time reports will give you information that would have been impossible using a paper room environment such as who is viewing what, which is an invaluable intelligence for gauging a participants true intent.