Compare Physical Data Room with iDeals™ Virtual Data Room

Compare Physical Data Room with iDeals™ Virtual Data Room

Physical Data Room

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room

  • One or more data rooms containing hard copies of physical documents.
  • Allocated time for each buyer’s team to attend the room is typically 5 days.
  • Electronic form of a data room with access typically via the internet.
  • 24/7 access to documentatin by each buyer.
Efficiency / Cost
  • Requires both the seller’s and buyer’s representative(s) to be present on site.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are considerable if buyers are overseas.
  • Requires multiple deal rooms and/or visits to be scheduled one after the other.
  • Each buyer can access the virtual data room via the internet regardless of their location.
  • Buyers may search the online data room using keywords.
  • There are significant savings in travel and accommodation expenses especially those involving overseas buyers.
  • The seller's representative(s) must be present onsite to control the access.
  • In order to photocopy documents, prior approval is required.
  • Password protection is used to control the access.
  • File encryption restricts the downloading and printing of materials.
Audit / Reporting
  • To gauge interest and credibility, interaction is directly with the buyer’s representative(s).
  • Electronic monitoring of each buyer’s behaviour.
  • Reports show the length of time each user logs onto the site.
  • Reports show each document accessed and the time spent reviewing each document.

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