Compare Virtual Data Room with FTP

Compare Virtual Data Room with FTP

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room

Ease of Use and Management
  • FTP traffic travels over a special port called port 21 and is often closed by the firewalls of large corporations due to security concerns.
  • Creation and management of user accounts are inefficient when using FTP. Often, you must go through IT staff to create new user accounts.
  • In addition, FTP does not have a built-in mechanism for retrieval of forgotten passwords. This wastes valuable time and resources and also puts meeting project deadlines in jeopardy.
  • iDeals™ Virtual Data Room can be accessed using any web browser by anyone who can surf the internet and does not require the opening of additional ports.
  • You can easily add users to a data room and configure their permissions by simply typing their e-mail address. iDeals™ Virtual Dataroom will then generate and e-mail a password to the user and provide them with a tool to reset their password if by chance they forget it.
  • FTP creates a major security hole by allowing files and passwords to transfer in clear text for anyone to see. This allows for your passwords and documents to be stolen very easily.
  • There are no restrictions on documents when using FTP meaning documents may be sent to third parties.
  • The iDeals™ Virtual Deal Room uses SSL encryption which is the same technology used by banks in order to transfer credit card data.
  • All document stored in iDeals™ VDR (Virtual Dataroom) are encrypted and in order to view or print the encrypted document, you will need to have a data room account with the appropriate permissions.
Audit, Q&A and Alerts
  • There is no possibility to provide you with detailed reports on all actions performed with your documents when using FTP.
  • Documents hosted on FTP cannot be discussed.
  • You must manually notify your bidders when new documents are uploaded using FTP.
  • Audit reports will enable you to see who opened or printed which file(s) and when.
  • Bidders are able to ask questions easily regarding any document.
  • iDeals™VDR (Virtual Data Room) offers an e-mail alert option, which allows bidders to stay in the loop. If they choose, they can be notified automatically whenever files are uploaded.
Technical Support
  • There is no technical support offered by a company when using FTP as it is a low-level protocol. If you use FTP, you will provide your own technical support and help when troubleshooting issues with users occur.
  • iDeals™ Solutions offers the best technical support in the business. If you or your representatives have a problem or a question, you can simply contact your account manager or a technical support engineer via phone or e-mail.