Data Room Audit Reports and Q&A

Data Room Audit Reports and Q&A

iDeals™ Virtual Data Room provides detailed reports in an easy-to-read graphical format showing the activities of each user or organization. These reports include information, such as what documents users have viewed, what questions users have asked and how many times they have logged in to the system. In addition, this information can easily be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Activity Tracking

iDeals™ Electronic Deal Room activity tracking logs every action performed by every user within the system, which enables administrators to monitor actions using a comprehensive audit tool. Audit records provide crucial information so that in the event of any legal action you are covered with regard to compliance and disclosure. Information provided by audit reports include data about each action, the user that performed the action, the exact date and time the user performed the action, as well as all the additional metadata relevant to the action.


Our audit reports offer the most comprehensive user reporting in the industry and include file and folder rankings to show you the most popular documents. You can easily access logs for every document in the system, which will let you know what files have been printed, what files have been viewed and how often. We also offer organization-level reports, which indicate what actions were taken by a particular company's users and will allow you to determine various buyer roles as well as identify the most important decision makers.

Q & A

The functionality of the iDeals™ Virtual Data Room platform allows you to manage each document as well as the questions and comments associated with each document in a much more efficient way. Mirroring the workflow of a physical Q&A process, it provides many features that include the possibility of notifying users of answers via email, answering more than one question at a time, exporting questions and answers to Excel and linking existing documents to an answer.

Business Value

Our online data room is designed to provide sellers with valuable analysis to inform them about the behaviour of prospective buyers. This will help sellers estimate their interest level and legitimacy. In addition, when sellers know what documents buyers are examining, they can gain insight into the buyer’s pain points and get critical information in an effort to help close deals on favourable terms. Moreover, valuable information is supplied via activity reports, which facilitate strategic decisions regarding the buyers during the deal cycle.

In addition, activity reports also work to help mitigate post-closing liability by giving details of site usage and by demonstrating that vital documents have been reviewed and that full disclosure has been made with regard to relevant material. These reporting methods allow you to monitor the entire process in real time, which is crucial and gives insight into the motives of your bidders. You can easily compare the questions bidders asked and the areas of your documentation they scrutinized the most.